Foreigner coming to China in business can apply for a visa at the Chinese consular offices or agencies abroad, at your city or close to your location. A letter of invitation is required with those business contacts, and purpose of the trip, etc.


Business visa can be marked with such Chinese phonetic letters as D visa, Z visa, X visa, F visa and L visa.


D visa is issued for permanent residence;

Z visa is issued for their accompanying family members;

X visa is issued for students in a period of 6 months or more;

F visa is issued for a short visit not exceeding 6 months, etc.


Work and residence visa: stay in China for more than one year should apply for residence permit for aliens, alien residence permit valid for one to five years, investment in China or economic, technological, cultural cooperation and other foreigners have remarkable results who may apply for permanent residence permit. Stay in China less than a year should apply for temporary residence permit.