Strategic investment advice and customized business information

We have in-depth knowledge of industries where Canada enjoys specific strengths. Knowledge of industry and market dynamics is key when establishing a business or initiating collaboration in a new country. We offer customized advice and information as well as the investment proposal based o your specific needs.


Matchmaking and introduction to investment opportunities

Our sector specialists act as matchmakers and work closely with your company to help identify potential opportunities in China that could strengthen your global business.


Meeting arrangements in Canada

We assist in arranging relevant meetings in your trip to Canada based on your needs, and provide interpretation and take meeting minutes for a follow-up, if necessary.


Information about how to establish and run a business

We summarize information on business rules and regulations. Even though Canada is improving its way to much transparent with very helpful government agencies, it is not always easy to know where to find relevant information we will assist you in doing so.


Network access introduction to public and private companies and organizations

We have extensive knowledge of relevant government agencies and well-established networks of business service providers that can assist you further in getting your business up and running, please let us know what you need and we will find it for you.

Business Trip

We provided you a package of arrangements for your business trip to Canada, such as itinerary arrangement, local meetings with customers, promotion events and exhibitions activities.


We provide settlement services for investors in Canada, for those who are unable to obtain timely variety of important letters during their absence in this country. We help them maintain a smooth flow of communication from the government and obtain immigration and residence status relevant informations.


Visa Consulting
We provide you with professional consulting services in Canada business visa, preparing a variety of forms and translation you need to make your line of business visits have a smooth start.