In Canada, to start a business you have to register either Canada's federal or provincial Limited. Canada's federal, Ltd. If you register federal, you can go into Industry Canada online. After successful registration you can conduct business in the Canadian provinces. Compared with the provincial Co., its operating area covers the whole Canada area, more convenient for the company's future in business expanding to other regions.


In the process of Canadian federal Limited registration, you must first get approved name from NUANS. Once the name is approved, you will receive a NUANS name report, and the name also need to comply with the requirements by Canadian Ministry of Industry Limited Company registration in order to complete the company's registration.

Registered Canadian federal Ltd., needs for company founder and director categories. The company's promoters can also be a personal business. The company's sponsor is the initiator of the formation of the company, which is a shareholder of the company may also be a director, but can also be not. Directors are elected by the shareholders, in accordance with the interests of the shareholders of the Company to manage personnel, including the development of corporate policies and the appointment of company employees and other tasks. During the registration process Canadian federal Ltd., the proportion of shareholders and shareholders do not need the information submitted, and the founder and director of information is necessary. Among them, the Ministry of Industry Canada requires 25% of the directors must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. Within that four directors, at least one director is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. Canada's federal registration, the registration requirements of the company must have a registered address in Canada, in order to complete the registration.

After the company registration is completed, Industry Canada will be issued to you via e-mail or letter in the form of company registration certificate and articles of association, to prove that your company has been registered. In the company registration certificate, clearly marked the company's numbers. Through this number, you can query the company has successfully carried out at the Ministry of Industry Canada registration, becoming Canada to become a Canadian federal Limited. After registration is complete, you can apply to the Canada Revenue Agency Business Number and register with the company all relevant content, such as a tax ID number, etc.

Registering Canadian federal is extremely professional in every aspect, to obtain professional help is necessary. We are able to accurately and efficiently help customers confirm if the unique business name in compliance with Industry Canada on the company name registration requirements, it saves you a lot of time and money (per NUANS name must pay a agency fee, if the name is not being accepted by the government, must be re-paid name).