According to statistics, in recent years, the United States and Canada consumes about 3.3 billion square meters per year

of non-woven materials used in the manufacture of various sanitary materials and medical textiles. The U.S. one-time disposable non-woven materials and medical textiles annual sales are up to about $ 3.4 billion. Europe ranks second, about $ 2.3 billion. The Chinese medical textiles industry scale is also rapidly improved. However, compared with the developed countries, awareness and consumption of medical textile market in China is not high. For this reason, it is a potential development for medical textiles domestic consumption area, while the market is an urgent need of new medical protective equipment. Currently, the new medical textile industry is developing rapidly with more than 10% annual growth rate, with water-resistant, anti-blood, anti-alcohol, anti-bacterial, biodegradable and other characteristics, are gradually replace traditional medical textile materials. Our factory in Beijing, China's annual production of over 1 million products sold throughout the country hospital. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us.




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