Various , Natural Solutions For ADHD

Various , Natural Solutions For ADHD

An ADHD diagnosis can be frightening for parents and make them willing to accept whatever treatment their physician suggests. However, more parents are turning away from drugs like Ritalin and seeking neurofeedback therapy adhd instead. While Ritalin has helped many children, it does have risks and potential side effects to consider. This is why if a natural treatment method is available and works, it really should be considered.

The first step every parent should take is to remove from the home and diet of the child anything that may be a trigger. Food allergies, loud noises and even certain smells can be enough to cause behavioral issues in children. Many children have an intolerance to preservatives or food dyes. Removing these from their diet is often able to help improve their behavior and ability to remain focused. Acupressure, certain types of exercise and even supplements may aid in the treatment of children diagnosed with this condition.

Another drug-free option is neurofeedback. A ct neurofeedback doctor will use stimulating brain exercises to help children learn how to control their behavior better. They are able to decrease their impulsive actions and learn methods of making themselves more attentive. The sessions are kept short in order to keep the children attentive and avoid restlessness. Usually the appointments are around 30 minutes each. They are also entirely painless and nothing is ever actually physically done to the brain. There is no electrical stimulation used. Instead, the patient uses an innovative sensory helmet to control events on a video screen. Their brain learns how to perform new tasks that can then be used to help them in their daily lives.

A Connecticut Neurofeedback Doctor offers another option for parents who are unhappy with the idea of putting their children on a drug, or for those who have been on one but are no longer getting the results they want. The use of neurofeedback in ct is an alternative treatment that may or may not be covered by traditional medical insurance. Currently, there are an estimated 10,000 children in the United States who are undergoing this type of therapy as a treatment for their ADHD.

Reynolds Clinic neurofeedback therapy is available for children and adults. They have been able to prove an 85-90 percent effective rate in their patients. This method can be used on its own, or can be one step of many towards helping someone to be able to have a more peaceful, normal life. Anyone can contact the clinic to learn more by arranging for an in-person consultation.