China and Canada are highly complementary partnership in the field of technology and manufacturing.

China offers great opportunities for cost efficient and qualitative manufacturing operations for an international market, in which Canada can bring in its high technology and products for manufacturing. At the moment the Chinese manufacturing companies is required in upgrading the traditional manufacturing equipment and methods in order to adapt to consumers' changing needs of the market. Active process in general manufacturing that we called the supply chain process, can be decomposed into a continuous part of the raw material production, procurement at all levels, storage and transportation, wholesale, retail, etc., Different manufacturers to compete in the final results of the disparity lies in the difference in treatment on the supply chain process. Our company has proven experience in this aspect of cooperation and can help manufacturing companies get a value-added service in the process.





Companies establishing or expanding manufacturing operations in China benefits from:




      Access to highly qualified and cost-effective manufacturing labor and engineers high rate of output through skilled staff


      Access to the Chinese and Asian market


      Extensive and diversified network of sub-contractors and suppliers


      Business friendly corporate tax environment a local preferential tax policy, 15% reduction to the high-tech. company




Based on the companys needs and to the benefit of the company, we support with:




      site selection processes according to the companys specific requests


      data on operating costs, operating procedures, legislation and industry climate


      argument on China as a competitive manufacturing location




      Our partner in Beijing, China is also looking for co-operation with any of the Canadian companies who need to manufacturing uniforms for the hospitals.