International Business:

How to sell yourself in three minutes and your company in ten minutes have become one important part of our business training. We focus on how to effectively introduce the company and your partners in ten minutes to impress your business partners; How to win the bidding for a project; and how to  become one of professional brand items. We believe that international business training will help you and your company stand out at the first round.

We offer you training on "Communication skills"; "Writing Skills"; get to local customs"; Win by your behavior";"How to promote the company"; "how to sell yourself"; "business negotiation"; "develop a contract"; 2/8 rules"; "effective time management"


Overseas Company Management

In this part of the overseas company management, we provide a series of training modules and individual training programs, investor can choose different training programs in accordance with the company's development strategy

Individual modules include: "Modern Human Resources"; "Human Resources Strategy"; "Cost management"; "Marketing"; "Account Management"; "Full company management by objectives"; "Performance management"; "How to become effective assistant to your boss ";" train the trainees "and others.